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Wonders of Hawaii Island $3,495

Coastal Journeys Hawaii offers a small-group, high-end experience at an affordable price. With only 10 to 16 fellow adventurers, you will be immersed in an experience of Hawaii that is far beyond the scope of the average tourist. You’ll never wear a name tag or feel like just another face on a big bus. Instead, relax and mix with your new friends and chat with our chef while staying at a luxury ocean-view estate in Kona, and receive personal attention and insights into the island from guides and cultural consultants who have made this place their passion. Or stay at an eco-retreat 10 miles from the volcano and hike into the remote corners of the island and learn its lore. Journeys with us are as richly informative as they are relaxing.

After all, travel is about connection—to an experience, to those around you, and to the spirit of a place.

>Hike Hawaii Island $1,650

Beneath the surface to an Island’s Heart

The Big Island, a terra of contradictions and extremes – from snow-capped peaks at nearly 14,000 feet down to the balmy Pacific, and a dozen individual climate zones in between. This is a land of fire just below the surface, ancient deities and warm smiles. We’ll explore waterfalls and tour the back roads where you’ll see a Lost Hawaii that hasn’t changed much since the plantation era.Then we’ll give you plenty of time to relax, explore on you own and just kick back and sip a few mai- tais.

Meet the Ohana

Bret and Tracey Yager have a deep connection and passion for Hawaii Island and spent years exploring this wonderland. A tour director, guide and bus driver for Coastal Journeys, Bret also worked for three years as a newspaper reporter covering the environmental issues and natural splendors as well as the educational system of Hawaii Island. He also spent a decade as a North Pacific crab fisherman. A graduate of the University of Oregon, he has traveled and hiked in the Himalayas, the Andes, the Philippines, Alaska and the mainland’s Pacific Northwest.

Before moving to Hawaii’s Hamakua Coast and giving birth to her second son Aidan on a former sugar cane plantation, Tracey was a hiking guide for Coastal Journeys and an avid naturalist and gardener in the Pacific Northwest. She is also a novelist working on her second book. Tracey’s hiking adventures having included Scandinavia, the Canadian Yukon and B.C., Alaska, Mexico, South America and throughout the States. A ighlight of her travel experiences has been watching a feather fall from the wing of an Andean condor in flight, then hiking to retrieve the feather.

Lynn and Carol Unser co-owners of Coastal Journeys, have more than 30 years combined experience leading educational tours. Carol taught archeology/ paleontology at the University of Georgia’s Marine Science Center in Savannah. She was Interpretive Coordinator for the National Marine Sanctuaries division of NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration) from 1982- 1988, which afforded her the opportunity to work and travel in a variety of marine and coastal environments in the United States. In addition to her academic career, Carol is an accomplished, recognized artist who has illustrated more than a dozen books, including nature field guides and childrens books.“A Jouney of Hope; Una Jornada de Esperanza” won the National Science Teachers Award as Outstanding Childrens Book in 1991.

Lynn draws from a wealth of experience as a commercial fisherman and in the timber industry in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. His view “from the ground up” has made him a popular teacher and guide at Road Scholar and Elderhostel programs. His extensive knowledge of coastal history is shared in a passionate and personal way, and he has logged many hours of commercial driving to keep you safe on the road.

Meet your cultural and scientific instructors

five_newA hula teacher, musician, author, and artist, Leilehua Yuen has been dedicated to the study and perpetuation of Hawaiian culture since childhood.

As a cultural consultant, Leilehua has provided services for National Geographic Magazine, and Smithsonian Magazine, Space Age Publishing Company, the University of Hawai`I Conference Center, Mauna Kea Support Services, `Imiloa Astronomy Center, and many other entities.

Leilehua has authored several books and research papers, as well as articles published in various media in Hawai`i, North America, and Japan. She worked as an editor, consulting editor, and cultural consultant for Space Age Publishing Company 17 years. She is also an accomplished artist whose work has traveled around the globe.

Over the years, Leilehua and her husband, Manu Josiah, and their work have been featured in numerous magazine articles such as Ke Ola Magazine, Hana Hou Magazine, the O`ahu Quick Guide, and Hawaii Magazine, among others. She and Manu also were among the dancers featured in the recent collaborative project, Mundo em Movimento, by renowned photographer Paula Lobo, and award winning director Tatiana Issa. They also have been featured in television shows in North America, Germany, China, and Japan. For years they also put on a Hawaiian cultural and history performance weekly at the Palace Theater in Hilo.

Manu Josiah is a Native Hawaiian currently residing in Hilo on Hawaii Island. Raised in a military family, Manu was born in Stuttgart, West Germany. While his father was overseas Manu spent much of his childhood both in Honolulu, Oahu and Kohala, Hawaii Island. As a young boy Manu spent much of his time with his grandparents in Kohala, learning about his family and Hawaiian culture.

A Hawaiian cultural practitioner, Manu partners with his wife, creating a team whose kuleana includes working as a kahu, kumu hula, musicians, craft makers and professional storytellers. Possessing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education, Manu uses his vast global working experience, education, skill and training to comfortably communicate effectively with diverse people from all walks of life. He also served over 21 years in the military and 13 years in the private sector as a nationally certified financial counselor, corporate trainer and educator.

Not a one-size-fits-all company

We know that not everyone vacations at the same speed – or in the same way. Guests who want to take it a little easier will be able to opt out of any activity and put their feet up for the day. And for those who want still more zest in their day, we’ll have suggestions for ways they can spend their free time, like separate tours to the summit of Mauna Kea,riding horseback in the grassy highlands, catching a world-class marlin fishing trip or jungle zip-line adventures.
At Coastal Journeys, it’s all about individual attention and making sure you get the most out of your experience.

A company dedicated to service

Coastal Journeys has more than 15 years experience providing tours that balance learning with plenty of fun – including some of the highest ranked programs in Elderhostel and Road Scholar’s broad roster of national and international programs. We are excited to now be expanding to Hawaii. We’re a family (ohana)-owned business, and we keep our pricing simple. Many adventures that other companies charge extra for are included right in your up-front cost, all gratuities included. And most meals, plus transportation from the airport on your arrival -- are included, so you don’t have to get out your calculator to figure out what you are really paying.

Shop around and compare

Take a look at what the big tour companies have to offer. How many guests are in the groups? Are you getting a private chef and use of a country estate? Are you being offered all meals, or just one or two a day? Are you being enriched with educational experiences that give you deep glimpses into history and living culture? Or are you another face on a big bus, being whisked from one tourist trap to another, paying extra for a lot of meals and some of the attractions?
We offer a limited number of tours each year, so reserve you space now. Book with Coastal Journeys while limited space is still available -- and see, smell and taste Hawaii like never before.

Call Now To Chat With Your Tour Director

We’ll go over our tours in as much detail as you need to make sure your questions are answered. Or book now to reserve your space. Once you do, we will contact you shortly. When you fill out your reservation forms, please let us know how you’d like to hear from us.

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